Thursday, September 22, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge Days 19, 20, and 21!

Hello again everyone~! I'm really trying to get my posting back to three-day intervals, even though my life is mostly school now. Having nothing much interesting to write about, I thought I'd continue the 30 day challenge! I haven't posted any of the challenges for well over a month now, and I did start it specifically to help out if I have nothing to post ;u;! So lets start with day 19~

Day 19 - whats in your makeup bag?

Funny thing, I don't actually have a makeup bag xD I keep all of my makeup on a shelf on my desk, and brushes and whatnot on top of my desk! I basically own cheap drugstore makeup, cheap ebay stuff, and a few gifts that I'm very grateful for! This isn't everything because lots of things are scattered on other shelves and places and I didn't remember them before I took this picture haha.

And that's pretty much everything! Nothing too exciting, I don't wear makeup a lot or anything, So I think I'm pretty set for almost any kind of look I want to do with just this ;u;.

Day 20 - A picture of a lolita friend

I can't pick just one! I love everyone that I've met within the Atlanta Lolitas community! I do hope no one minds me posting this picture here, but if so please just let me know and I'll take it down~ 

Day 21 - Your favorite fictional lolita

By far it's Ai from Talking to Bugs

I found this story as the writer began to continue it and fell in love with it ;u;. It's short, but very cute and a great read for picking up your mood. I even printed it out and carry it around with me on road trips and in my school bag, just in case I want a cute love story featuring frills.I love the descriptions of Ai's outfits and hair, and a year or so ago I was inspired to draw my own interpretation of Ai. It's not very good and nothing more than a sketch, but since I'm already on the topic, why not share?

I seriously recommend reading that story if you haven't already!

I promise I'll have more interesting posts in the future, It's hard to find time to do everything for this blog that I want to do! Thanks for sticking by me even though my updates arent much recently. You guys are the best★!


  1. How can you think that sketch isn't good? It's amazing and I love all the details you put into it! That's so cute that you carry the story around for a mood boost. I carry around fashion magazines, when need to destress. ^^

  2. Wow I'm glad I took the time to look up that story, it was soooo good xP I love your sketch! I wish I could draw lolitas, but the patterns and frills are usually too much haha.

  3. I'd never seen that story before and I'm super excited to finish reading it! Printing it out is such a cute idea!

    Your sketch is amazing, so don't sell yourself short :3

  4. @Audrey ~ Awww, thank you! It's an older one so I see a lot of faults looking back at it ahaha xD. I'm glad you like it though!
    @Abbey ~ It's such a cute one! I love it a lot ;u;! And thanks! I think its fun to draw all of the poof and details ;u;!
    @ Spiffykidd ~ Definitely read it! It;s really cute and great! And thanks ;u; <3

  5. Hey, I just LUV 'talking to bugs', but do you know any other lolita fiction?

  6. Sadly, that's the only one I've read and enjoyed ;A;! I wish there were more good ones out there.