Monday, September 19, 2011

Updates! Birthday Outfits and Various Other Things~

Hello again~! Sorry again for not posting in such a long time ;A;! Basically school's been giving me a really hard time, and with AWA two weeks away I'm trying to finalize funds and plans for that x~x. Septembers always a super busy month for me and I feel really bad about not really posting anything yet ;A;! Basically I've either been running around, studying, or tumbling away trying to escape from it all. Recently not a lot of interesting stuff has happened, but my birthday party was on the 10th and ended up being a lot of fun! As usually, I don't have many pictures due to lack of digital camera, but I do have pictures of my outfit from that day and from my actual birthday on the 8th~!

9-8-11 My birthday outfit at school~

Top ~ secondhand
Shorts ~ forever21
Tights ~ welovecolors
Socks ~ bodyline
Shoes ~ secretshop
Accessories ~ handmade, prettypopdesigns

9-10-11 my karaoke lets-party-down-and-sing-forever-magically outfit!

Tops ~ handmade, secondhand,
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tights ~ welovecolors
Shoes ~ thrifted
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, mintymix, bodyline

( I totally kept that magic wand in my belt so that I could take it out as a 3rd mic during karaoke~ )

I had a ton of fun at my party and I'm glad so many of my friends came and enjoyed themselves! In my mind, everyday is a good day to karaoke ☆

And since I have this picture on hand as well, I might as well share ~

9-15-11 just an outfit for school (sorry the quality is completely horrible;^;)
Tops ~ secondhand, thrifted
Skirt ~ thrifted
Tights~ welovecolors
Shoes ~ secretshop
Accessories ~ handmade, offbrand, taobao

Saturday, the 17th, was Japan Fest! I have never been before because of the schedule always conflicting with AWA and AWA being a bit more relevant to my interests in certain fashion/anime related events. It was pretty exciting to finally go~ I went with my little brother, one of my close buddies Alisha, and later met up with Jesse from teenmermaid! We pretty much walked around, caught some really cool performances, my little brother and I bought fortunes (both getting Lesser Good Luck. Leave it to siblings I guess xD), and then walking up and down the halls forever. A bunch of the ATL lolitas were around and we had a quick meetup which was tons of fun (and again, I'm sorry for no pictures ;A; I forgot even an outfit photo that day, I was dressed in fairy kei though). Afterwards we walked and talked and those in my party went to the mall to let Jesse check it out. It was a really great day and hyped me way up for AWA (which is only two weeks away~!)! Jesse and I should be twinning there and that really let the excitement sink in ;u;.

Also~ bear is getting a lot bigger ;u; sometime last week we took him walking for the first time ~

Again yucky quality but bear is so cute haha~!

~P.S I am finally getting my bank account set up so that I'll be able to sell things online! I'm trying really hard to set up a shop that will sell lots of  my handmade crafts and some of my clothing designs to you by the end of this year so be sure to keep an eye out for that! ~

I'll also try hard to post more frequently, I miss blogging a lot ;u;!

Thanks for looking~!


  1. omg I'm going to away too. XD maybe ill run into you. Lol. Oh and happy birthday btw!

  2. Your outfits (and Bear! XD) are so cute! >w< Happy belated birthday~! ; u ; ♡

    Looking forward to that online store, I really adore your crafts! X3

  3. Angel ~ oh how cool! :D! that would be so awesome ;v;! And thanks :D

    Puffy Dust ~ Aww thank you so much! I hope I can get the store up really quick ;u;~

  4. Your outfits are so freaking cute !! ; A ; I'm so jealous > <

  5. Good luck with your online shop! :3

    All of your outfits are so adorable and I love how you used the wand as the third mike! I'm trying to get a group together for karaoke soon, just for the heck of it! ^^

  6. Hey you, that second outfit is way too cute, stop it!

  7. @Audrey ~ Thank you!
    I love that wand ahaha xD It's so fun to play with~! And you should! sing and be derpy and have fun!!

    @whipcreambunn ~ awwww thank you thea <3~!


    You legs... are gorgeous. *Q*